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Project Description

VBNLP is a collection of natural language processing tools written in Microsoft VB.NET 2010. Currently it provides the following NLP tools:

  • a sentence splitter
  • a tokenizer
  • a part-of-speech tagger
  • a chunker (used to "find non-recursive syntactic annotations such as noun phrase chunks")
  • a parser
  • a name finder
  • a coreference tool
  • an interface to the WordNet lexical database

Currently, the project is using SharpNLP libraries, but soon will have it's own libraries all written in MS VB.NET 2010.

This project is owned by Eissa Creations Limited (

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This project is currently in setup mode and only available to project coordinators and developers. Once we have finished setting up this project, we will publish it to make it available to all CodePlex visitors.

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